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Give Your Crush a Major Heart On! Download and Send Our Sexy Gay Valentine's Day Cards

By: Editors

Remember simpler times when Valentine's Day was all about those little heart-shaped cards stuffed in your makeshift classroom mailbox? Four for you — you go, Glen Coco!

Sure, we'll gladly take the Godivas, fancy dinner, and the extra-wild V-Day sex, but's art team has gone old-school with corny Valentine's Day cards for your nostalgic pleasure — updated for your modern gay lifestyle with shirtless dudes and double entendre. 

Here's the deal:

1. Download the high-res PDF to your desktop and open.

2. Click on the "To" and "From" lines and type in the appropriate names.

3. Email the card to a special gay someone.

For an even older-school experience, print the image, cut along the dotted line, and start handing out hard copies.

Don't be stupid, Cupid — download all five Valentines below — or just the one most appropriate for your burning desires.


Download: "I'll be your cherry on top!"


Download: "I can't bear to be without you!"


Download: "You're a knockout!"


Download: "I've got a heart on for you!"


Download: "You rode into my heart!"

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