Diane Keaton "hearts" Diane Sawyer

By: Gay.com

(Getty Images) We all know Diane Keaton is a little wacky, but for viewers who tuned into "Good Morning America" today, they got to see Keaton turned up to 11. She not only revealed some apparently deep-seated feelings about host Diane Sawyer's youthful beauty, but she dropped an F-bomb in doing so. Keaton starts to wax poetic on Sawyer's plump, juicy lips - much to the discomfort of the hostess - and slips when discussing her own physical shortcomings (This second clip picks up where the one-above leaves off...)

Interestingly, a YouTube search on these two ladies yields more fertile ground. In Keaton's Oscar-nominated role for "Something's Gotta Give", her character finds out early on that Jack Nicholson's womanizer had previously been engaged to...Diane Sawyer. Innnnnteresting.  This makes Keaton's character see him in a whole new light.  The interview with Sawyer isn't quite the love-fest that this morning's was, but the two ladies definitely have a rapport and showcases some classic Keaton.