Brad's Hot Gay Delivery


(Getty Images) Last week, we wrote about how Jimmy Kimmel's plans to get revenge on girlfriend Sarah Silverman for her "Fu*king Matt Damon" video by doing a response video of his own entitled "I'm Fu*king Ben Affleck." 

Well, the video aired just last night as part of Kimmel's "Oscar Night Special" and it's...not great. Sure, Kimmel got Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz (yes, she sings!), Harrison Ford, Joan Jett and tons of other celebs to participate -- and you'll laugh for sure -- but Sarah's original was sheer genius. (Btw -- you can cast your vote on which video is better on  Somehow incorporating all these A-listers lessed its cred or something, whereas Silverman and Damon's duet relied on just plain and simple talent - plus the song is just plain good! Like "Dick in a Box", you find yourself humming it (or at least I do) in spite of yourself.

This was a case of celeb overload - there's just too much going on, and so much of it is "bleeped" that it's disracting. Plus, it relies SO much on cheap, gay gets a little old. Although, there's no denying that seeing Brad Pitt as a FedEx guy delivering a cake that says “I’m fucking Ben Affleck” and asking Kimmel what he wished for when he blows the candles out is the stuff dreams are made of.

Once I heard that Kimmel was recruiting half of Hollywood to participate, I sort of predicted it would be a let down. But being a fan of the unholy Kimmel/Silverman union, I was "loser curious" to know if there was mounting tension in their household over whose would be funnier. Silverman's won, hands-down in my opinion.

But Affleck was a guest on Kimmel's show last night (THAT'S why he wasn't at the Oscars...), and I thought it more entertaining that the actual video. They kept the act up, with Kimmel saying he was up for the challenge of winning over Ben's disapproving brother Casey, and admitting to their recent "Lost" viewing party - much to Silverman's chagrin.  Plus, Ben looks good and does an impressive array of Boston accents, which Jimmy finds "adorable".

Where they'll go from here, who knows. The real genius of it all is that everyone is talking about this new "power couple", so good for them. But unless one of them is really ready to raise the bar, I'd say they should rest on their laurels and move on.

What do you think?  Watch it now (Brad Pitt at 2:50).

And watch the post-video interview with Affleck here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

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