Valerie Bertinelli: I Kissed A Girl


Still adorable (and skinnier?) Valerie Bertinelli will be appearing on "Larry King Live" tonight to promote her book Losing It, and to entice us to watch, here she is admitting that she once kissed a woman while married to Eddie Van Halen. She doesn't go into too much detail, but maybe it's because she's sitting across from Larry King. Who knew he knew so much about same-sex attraction? Creeeeepppppyyyy....

It sounds like she made the same admission to "Oprah" yesterday too, saying she passionately kissed another woman while she was married. But her guilt got the best of her, and she rarely talked to the woman after that.  Rock 'n Roll!!

Oh -- she also admitted to a major cocoain habit while with Eddie.  Mackenzie Philips must be so pissed!

Click here to watch the clip, then tune in tonight at 9:00 for the full interview on "Larry King Live".