ANTM: Tyra Out?


(Getty Images) Reports are swirling that Tyra Banks is set to leave the judging table on America's Next Top Model. Seems she and Jay Manuel had the mother of all catfights, and Banks - who's recently, inexplicably found herself interviewing presidential candidates on her talk show - is above it all.

Isn't it her show? And couldnt' she fire Manuel if he was gettin' all up in her face? I suspect this is a way to drive up the show's declining ratings, and get old viewers back. Or Tyra has outgrown the CW-crowd, and is cutting ties with projects - and people - that might hold her back from becoming the next Oprah. The question is, if she leaves, and frankly, good riddance - who should replace her?

There's apparently some swelling support behind Cindy Crawford and Paulina Porzikova, but I don't think either girl really has the personality for the job. Linda Evangelista is a bit dated, but her famous "$10,000 a day" attitude gives her the bitchy edge the job needs.  Frankly, the only slam-dunk I can see is Carson Kressley: he's genuinely funny and can be bitchy when he wants...but then we find ourselves in the sticky situation of having three guys judging the lovely ladies. And it also begs the question: do we want ANTM to stay, how do we say, ghetto fabulous? And if so, is there anyone other than Naomi Campbell who could do the job?

I doubt any of those ladies would bother getting out of bed for this job though, so that leaves Tier 2 and 3 model-ebrities. Rachel Hunter seems like a bitch. Or what about ANTM alumni: Toccara or Adrian Curry?  I resent their stardom but they are Grade A camera whores.

OR maybe the answer is...all of the above! The show could adopt a Top Chef format, where Manuel is Padma, who basically just introduces the challenge to the contestants, and then there is a Guest Judge each week. 

Who would you like to see as ANTM's new judge? Send in your ideas and tell us why your choice is the right choice!