Ellen's Feelin' Madonna

By: Gay.com

In a piece of product promotion that redefines subtlety, Ellen regaled a nation with a full-on dance production to Madonna's new single, "4 Minutes". And watching it, I couldn't help but wonder, how close are we to seeing Ellen get a stripper pole on stage?

I don't know; I don't get it. But I know alot of you guys are Ellen fans, so I guess it's worth a watch. It's just so...weird. Like when she's dancing really close to the fat girl in the audience. Are we really a nation of dancers, and only Ellen brings it out in us (and by "us", I mean Ellen's studio audience).

I mean, every time I see a clip of her dancing around, the audience is hooting and hollering like they've never seen a 14 year old boy dance before. Oh, sorry, I forgot - she's a 50 YEAR OLD WOMAN. Well, good for her. That snake-charmer dance of hers has apparently worked its magic on one-leggy blonde...Portia better watch out though. Ellen looks about this close to actually taking a muff dive on to an unsuspecting housewife lucky enough to get an aisle seat. You know I'm right...and you know you'd watch.

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