TV Pick: Leona does Oprah


"I think she's one of the best singers we've seen in this country in a long time."  Believe it or not, that’s a quote from the king of all criticism, Simon Cowell, referring to 22 year old British singer Leona Lewis.  Lewis became a UK singing sensation two years ago when she won “The X Factor,” an “American Idol”-esque British talent show.

After the competition, Lewis released her debut CD “Spirit,” which entered the UK charts at #1 and became England’s fastest-selling debut album of all time.

Cowell’s praise didn’t stop there – he also reportedly told the legendary Clive Davis that he “may have the next Whitney Houston on his hands” with the young singer.

Thanks to her awesome ballad “Bleeding Love,” gay fans in the U.S. are getting their first taste of Leona – and loving her. (Her new CD “Spirit” drops April 8).  The critics are loving Leona as well, with most of them comparing her to Kylie, Celine and Mariah, a fact that Lewis finds daunting. 

“Those women are the true divas,” she said. “They’re amazing performers whom I’ve listened to for years.  Those are the people who’ve inspired me to sing, so it’s flattering that I’m being compared to them.  But I have a lot of hard work to do first!”

Whether or not Lewis will achieve superstar status in the U.S remains to be seen, but she’s certainly off to a good start – even Oprah’s a fan.  In fact, Oprah invited Lewis to perform “Bleeding Love” on her show this Monday, March 17th. 

You catch Leona on Oprah Monday, but in the meantime, check out her video for “Bleeding Heart” on YouTube now.  5 million new fans already have….