Are All Europeans Gay? Yes!


Quick: what is one of the world's most-watched televions programs that is NOT a sporting event? It's not DWTS...and no, it's not American's worse! It's the Eurovision Song Contest - a multi-nation songwriting contest that confirms the fears of most backwoods Americans: Europeans are all gay.

Don't believe me? Check out Iceland's entry into the contest (the video is kinda crappy, but you get the gist). This is the song that an entire nation voted for! Don't get me wrong - I think it's fabulous. But it's not exactly on the set list for The Jonas Brothers or Miley Ray Cyrus, or whatever her name is now.

I'd never heard of this contest until this year...turns out, they've been churning out gay pop over there since 1956 in an effort to re-unite a war-torn continent. Nothing gets people to forget fascism like a little synth-pop! Am I right?

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