Luke and Noah Kiss Again -- Finally...


(Getty Image) After what seems like forever, "As The World Turns'" Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) actually had another on-screen kiss. It was completely unexpected; there hadn't been any indication on any of the show's spoiler blogs that this was going to happen.

The guys hadn't kissed since last September,  causing an uproar among fans who felt that the young gay couple was not being treated the same as the heterosexual couples on the CBS soap. There has been speculation that there had been pressure to ease up on the physical nature of their romance, fueled by the Christmas episode where the camera panned to the mistletoe right before the boys kissed.  And another recent instance was the infamous Valentine's Day episode, which showed the boys only hugging while other hetecouples kissed away.

With Noah now in a sham marriage with Ameera (Tala Ashe) in order to keep her from being deported to Iraq, there was speculation if Luke and Noah would have any kind of intimacy again. The question now is whether this will be it for another 7 months or so, or if Luke and Noah will be able take things further.

To catch all scenes featuring Luke, Noah and Ameera from the April 23rd episode (including the kiss!) check out this video:

Scenes from "As the World Turns," April 23, 2008

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