"30 Rock" sets off the gay bomb

By: Gay.com

(Image courtesy NBC)

I can't believe it's already the season finale of "30 Rock!" Apparently, the show's writers had time to come up with some pretty bizarre ideas during the strike. The episode was full of strange cliffhangers -- and the funniest one was gay ...

Matthew Broderick guest-starred as Cooter Burger, a government employee and new co-worker of Jack Donneghy, who after this season's plot twists ended up taking a job in the crumbling Bush Administration. The office was a shambles (Jack: "The roof is leaking." Cooter: No, it's not. We've looked into it, and it's not.")

Jack finally convinced Cooter (nicknamed by the president) that they should quit their posts in Homeland Security, in the Department of Extreme Weather Preparedness and The War on the Poor. Cooter told him the administration wasn't accepting resignations, so Jack came up with a project so insane it would get them fired: Convince the government to fund "the gay bomb."

(Lest you think this is fiction, in the mid '90s the Pentagon really did have a secret plan to develop a hormone bomb that might make enemy soldiers irresistibly attracted to each other. It was supposed to destroy morale...)

Three months later, in a very war-room setting, Jack told higher-ups that the money was wasted -- for the bomb to be effective the hormones would have to be released in a closed environment.

Of course, you can guess what happened next: Cooter knocked over the container, and he and Jack began ogling each other. Jack's last line was, "Let's do this" -- with Dick Cheney and David Petraeus lookalikes getting friendly in the background. Tell me they're going to pick the plot up in next season's premiere!

Oh yeah, and Kenneth's going to be a page at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. His storyline was funny, but got a lot more play than necessary, since NBC is covering the Games (but one of the best lines has Kenneth telling his NBC peacock pin in Mandarin, "I will not fail you, rainbow chicken.") Liz Lemon is left considering being a baby mama after a pregnancy scare, Pete turns out to be a world-class archer and Tracy's addictive new video game ("Goregasm: The Legend Of Dong Slave") may make him a billionaire.

Can't wait for next season ...