Fabulous "Betty" Finale, "Grey's Anatomy" Ends Season With Same-Sex

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  Naomi Campbell. Cell phone.

Ugly Betty dared to go there on last night's season finale.

To recap: Naomi Campbell was up to bat at the Elle vs. Mode charity softball game when her cell phone rang.

Fearful the supermodel would go into a rage because of the interruption, everyone hit the decks when Campbell grabbed the phone.

To their relief, she simply answered it and chose not to use the device as a weapon.

Betty_vanessa I thought the scene was hilarious when I saw it, but I have to admit that I later wondered how anyone who actually has been abused by Campbell would feel about her making light of her actions on a TV show.  I can't believe I am saying this. When did I develop...a conscience?

But it does make you think.

Btw, Willemina was pitch perfect in the super fab all, all white Mode uniform durig the big game, while gay Marc and Amanda stuck to cheerleading duties...Call me crazy, but Henry looked so nerd hot in his uniform I flashed back to high school.

Meanwhile, bad girl Lindsay Lohan was also willing to make fun of herself, although in a much tamer fashion unrelated to her issues with drugs and booze.

Lohan appeared in a flashback in the role of a schoolmate of Betty's.

Betty, who, not surprisingly was always picked last at game time, was stunned when Lohan's character chose her to be on her dodgeball team.

But Betty's happiness at being chosen was short-lived: Mean Girl just wanted to use her as a human shield.

FYI: We're going to see more of Lohan on Ugly Betty when she reprises her role next season.

Betty_henry_softball Moving on, I am not sure I can wait until next season to find out what Betty, torn between Gio and Henry, chose to do.

The show ended with her having made a decision and exiting her house.

While Gio offered to take her on a one-month date to Rome, Henry proposed to Betty and asked her to start a new life with him in Tuscon.

Betty in Tuscon?

I don't think so.

Betty in Rome for a month?

I can see that.

Then again, I can also imagine Betty choosing herself like Kelly famously did on Beverly Hills, 90210 when forced to choose between Brandon and Dylan.

So what do you think Betty decided to do?  And let me know what you thought of the softball game. I could have watched that for the full hour.  Make that two...

"Grey's Anatomy" Ends Season With Same-Sex

Callie and Hahn kissed last night, and this time they they weren't just putting on a show.

It looks like Grey's Anatomy has packed the U-Haul for a trip into lesbian land next season.

As we saw during last night's season finale, which ended with practically everyone smooching, Callie and Hahn were among those lip locked.

I have to credit Sloan for pushing the union with all his talking' dirty to Callie as well as his willingess to share her with Hahn.

Not everyone is so giving.

Meanwhile, Meredith and McDreamy reunited, both apparently turned on by their success with the clinical trial.

Let's do the math: One girl lived, twelve died. Not sure so I would be in the mood to celebrate after just one success!

Meanwhile, thanks to nosy Lexie, George found out that he failed his intern exam by one lousy point, and he finally stood up for himself, convincing the Chief that he deserved a second chance like everyone else and scoring another go at the test.

George then got involved in the kissing frenzy, planting a quick one on Lexie to thank the meddler for helping him revive his career.

From the look on her face, she liked it.

I would, too.

And can we talk about cement boy for a minute?

How horrific was that?

I loved the inspirational Han Solo speech Bailey gave the kid to keep his spirits up.

So what did you think of the Grey's Anatomy finale? Are you satisfied with how everything went down? And do you think Callie and Hahn make a hot match?

Check out the kiss:

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