GCWOKs on "How I Met Your Mother"

By: Gay.com

So the big news about last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother - you know, the show that Neil Patrick Harris doesn't want Britney Spears on? - was that Britney Spears was back on...this time as Harris' girlfriend. Ouch - Doogie got bitch-slapped by the writers on that one!

But once I got past Spears' horrible hair extensions (just get a wig, girl!), the way she spoke like she had a retainer in her mouth, and the Barbara Walters-like lighting they gave her, the real point of interest in the show was the introduction of GCWOKS - Gay Couples Without Kids.

How_i_met_2_2 Now, maybe I'm just out of it, but I didn't know that gays who didn't have kids now had their own pop-cultural moniker. I mean, GCWOKs are the "norm"...right? Why would we (and I'm including myself in this category because sometimes I am actually part of a couple, you know...) be the ones to get called out? Shouldn't it be the other way around - Gay Couples With Kids?

And where does How I Met Your Mother get the nerve to force this new category on us? Does the mere fact of having NPH on their show give them enough credibility to try and insert an unwarranted nickname into the gay community? It's one thing for the Queer Eye guys to do it (and I'm not even sure they actually came up with "metrosexual" or if it was just a by-product of their show). A quick Google search shows that GWOKs didn't exist before last night - and based on what I saw of the show last night...thanks anyways, HIMY, but we gays don't need you spending your time coming up with clever little acronyms for us...you should really concentrate on making your show funny.

Images courtesy CBS