Lids Blow On "Workout," Another "Idol" Flub and Walters Reveals Rosie Fight!


Lids Blow On "Workout"

(NBC Image) The tension between diva Jackie Warner and dumbbell Brian Peeler reached a boiling point on last night's episode of Workout, and she finally fired the trainer.

Peeler was convinced that Warner had dissed one of his clients. She hadn't, according to what we saw on camera (note: we never did see the entire incident in question). But regardless of what happened, Warner didn't want to talk about it with Peeler and gave him the boot.

He bid a not-so-fond farewell to his nemesis, shouting, "Peace out, bitch!"

I'm not always in Warner's corner, but I could see how any patience she had for Peeler had run out. This guy is a piece of work, vacillating between weepy sensitivity and rageful venting.

To wit: Peeler got all teary after the big blowup with Warner, then later grumbled about being "pretty close to slapping her."

I'd like to say that Peeler is out of the picture for good, but the previews reveal that we'll be subjected to his ranting and raving in next week's episode, too.

Could someone slap a diaper on this guy and send him packing for good?

Surely, all this drama can only serve to boost Workout's ratings, but I would rather the show's producers let it rest now and devote some serious airtime to JD Jordan, Sky Lab's hunky new gay masseuse.

American_idol_jason_2 Another Idol Flub

(Getty Image) Everybody is always giving Paula Abdul such a hard time, but last night it was contestant Jason Castro's turn to make a major flub on American Idol.

As we saw, the dread-headed dude forgot the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man."

"I'd pack your suitcase," Simon Cowell told him.

Everyone seems to think that this was the nail in the coffin for Castro, but I'm not sure. This guy has gotten to the final four on his good looks and his goofy charm, and I wouldn't be surprised if he actually stays tonight.

Barbara Barbara Walters Reveals Rosie Fight to Oprah!

(Getty Image) Did anyone else catch Barbara Walters' interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show?

You've got to give it to her for being honest. The legendary lady of news has written a memoir called Audition, and she is opening up about the drama that has pervaded The View for the last few years.

Walters told Oprah that she didn't even want to write about The View, but the publisher insisted.

No surprise there.

What is surprising is exactly how candid Walters was in the book and in talking to Oprah. For one thing, she finally confirmed that there was indeed "an ugly moment" in the dressing room between her and Rosie O'Donnell in the wake of the Donald Trump fiasco.

She wouldn't say anything more, which means that Rosie must have done something really, really, really bad.

So bad that it cannot be spoken of. Ever.

That is bad!

Walters also came clean about the mess that is Star Jones, confessing that she and the other ladies on The View felt incredibly awkward about going along with Jones' initial claim that she dropped mega-poundage by eating right and doing Pilates when they knew that Jones underwent gastric bypass surgery and wasn't fooling anyone, including the audience.

I was dying for Oprah to ask Walters what she thought of Jones' soon-to-be ex-husband Al Reynolds, but Oprah didn't go there.