"Workout" Star Loses His Cool, "Dancing" Hunks Come Up Short, George Michael on "Idol"

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  From the looks of last night's episode of Workout, Jackie Warner and Brian Peeler are going to work out their differences...when hell freezes over.

Even if you dislike Warner and took Peeler's side after their last blow up, you have to admit that Peeler was out of control this time. The bitter trainer lost his cool at the fundraising event held to support the work of a foundation dedicated to the late Doug Blasdell of all places.

During an auction to raise money for the organization's efforts, Peeler took to the stage after a few drinks and awkwardly urged donors to be more generous.

The room went silent.

Only a few minutes afterward, this avowed Warner hater was trying to kiss up to his former boss, telling her, "I love you as a person… and I want to see you succeed."

Yeah right, buddy!

When Peeler finally came right out and asked if he could work for her again, Warner smartly said no, and Peeler came back at her with, "%$&* you."

While the volatile Peeler provided plenty of drama on last night's show, I was glad to see JD, the gorgeous gay masseuse with a heart of gold, get more airtime, and it looks like we might even see him develop a love life now that fellow gay trainer Jesse has offered to set up him on a date.

Pick me! Pick me!

Meanwhile, Greg, the show's musclebound rock of love, was practically naked last night, running around the pool in a pair of wet underwear.

I can certainly appreciate Greg's assets, but JD is my man.

Which Workout stud does it for you?

Dancing_finale_guys "Dancing" Hunks Come Up Short

I tend to root for the most deserving contestants to win reality competition shows. But I have to admit that I was blinded by lust during this season of Dancing With the Stars and found myself cheering on gridiron god Jason Taylor and Latin stallion Cristian de la Fuente.

As it turns out, Kristi Yamaguchi actually won the crown of Dancing With the Stars champ last night, leaving Taylor and de la Fuente in the dust.

Did America do right in voting Yamaguchi the winner?

As much as I love Jason and Cristian, I'd have to say yes.

Sorry guys.

The Davids Do Battle On "Idol"

The big breaking news on "Idol" today is that "sources" are revealing that none other than George Michael will be performing live on tonight's finale.  I can hardly wait!  In the meantime, I have been rooting for David Cook to win American Idol all season, but after last night's final showdown, I am in David Archuleta's corner.

This kid was perfection, singing Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me," John Lennon's "Imagine" and "In This Moment," a song submitted to the American Idol songwriting competition that had the line, "In this moment, no one can take it away from me."

So true for little David.

Archuleta was on fire last night. Even crabby Simon Cowell said he delivered a knockout punch.

My not-so-daring prediction: The junior hottie will be named American Idol tonight.

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