Anderson And The Gang Debate Hillary, David Sedaris Does "Daily Show," JD Meets A Man On "Workout"


(Getty Image) Were you glued to CNN last night like I was?

I know it was supposed to be Barack Obama's big night, but a defiant Hillary Clinton stole the show and was the talk of the tube.

There were expectations earlier yesterday that Clinton would graciously concede on what was the final night of primary season, but during a speech to a crowd of supporters in New York City last night, she declared, "I will be making no decisions tonight," and she asked people to email her Web site to advise her on what to do next.

Now whether you love Hillary (I love her), or hate her, you've got to give this political diva credit for digging in her heels even if she is starting to seem desperate in that Mary Katherine Gallagher kind of way.

A panel of pundits dissected the Hillary situation with Anderson Cooper on CNN, and they were mostly unified in the opinion that Hillary should have conceded since Obama locked up the delegates he needs to be the Democrats' official nominee.

But things got even more interesting when veteran political expert David Gergen gave Anderson an update on what viewers emailing CNN had to say about Hillary. Anderson looked more than a little uncomfortable when Gergen informed him—and everyone watching—that most people were writing in to wish Anderson happy birthday. (Yesterday was indeed Anderson's birthday.) Gergen further embarrassed Anderson when he added that one of them "wants to be your boo."

So what did you think of Hillary's non-concession speech and the news media's coverage of it?  Here's her speech and the Anderson clip below.

JD Meets A Man On "Workout"

While I was thrilled to see sensitive Workout hunk JD get more airtime last night, I can't say that I was 100 percent thrilled to see him out on a blind date with another man.

Poor JD was so nervous. He fired off questions at his date Derek, a self-described "music artist" and personal trainer, like he was interrogating him.

Once the liquor got flowing, JD relaxed and dared to ask Derek if he would unbutton his shirt and reveal his tattoo. Derek did, of course. How could you say no to JD?

All in all, it was a successful date. JD felt like he and Derek connected, and JD planted a rather sensual smooch on him at the end of the night.

As much as it kills me to see my JD with another guy, I hope Workout allows us to spend more time with JD outside of the gym.

I know Workout is technically "The Jackie Warner Show," but am I the only one who wants to see more of JD's personal life?

It's just so rare that we see a gay guy on television who is not only hot but totally together.

Jon_stewart David Sedaris Does "Daily Show"

David Sedaris rarely does television interviews, so it was a treat to see the gay author pop up on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night to promote his latest book, which bears the intriguing title When You Are Engulfed in Flames.

Sedaris was charming as always, regaling an admiring Stewart with the tale of how he temporarily relocated to Japan after reading that the best way to quit smoking is to move.

Believe it or not (and I believe it because Sedaris is wonderfully weird enough to do such a thing), Sedaris, who normally divides his time between Paris and London, rented an apartment in Tokyo for three months, figuring the city was a good place to be because smoking isn't allowed on the street except at designated communal ashtrays.

It worked. Sedaris is now a former smoker and highly recommends a stint in Japan to anyone who wants to give up cigarettes, noting with a wink that the whole quitting smoking expedition only cost him $23,000.

Unfortunately, the interview wrapped up after that crack, and I was left feeling like it was way too short. I know The Daily Show is only half an hour, but I wish Stewart could have given us a few more minutes of Sedaris.

Seriously, he got to talk about quitting smoking and that was it!

Did anyone else see the interview, and if so, were you left wanting more?