Gender Blender - Needs a little more purree-ing


I'm a little old-fashioned when it comes to my TV: I actually miss the days of "Must See TV", let alone the schedules of my youth when there was literally one thing on at a time and everyone was watching it. So this whole new generation of online television networks still doesn't feel right to me...but I decided to pop my techno-cherry and take one for a ride.

My companions, if you will, for the evening were the girls of's Gender Blender, a documentary series that follows the lives of transgender beauty pageant contestants. (Hmmm...why isn't Michael Urie hosting this pageant show I wonder?) A handful of the contestants, and their relationships, will be featured over the course of the series as things get undoubtedly dramatic and nasty.

The press info I read said something about these women being so beautiful that some people can't tell they were born men.  And at least one needs a crash course in...I don't even know what. When Nikky introduces herself and opens with the line, "An apple a day...makes seven apples a week!" What does that mean? Who told her that was an actual sentence??

The most noteworthy thing for me was seeing these women de-glammed, make-up off and hair down. We are so accustomed to seeing this pageant kind of beauty in transgenders, even when they aren't competing, that it's pretty eye-opening to see them so exposed. It has the effect of making their stories much more powerful.

Gender Blender is just one of's online series, which have all been curated by the guys who brought us Taxicab Confessions. With15 different channels, the site is taking a "for discerning adults" type of positioning. Some of it sounds pretty hardcore (Hood News documents police brutality in So.Central L.A., Sex and the Psyche is the same kind of pseudo-porn as Real Sex) so it's not like combing YouTube finding something to fill the void in your life. That said, it might make a nice yin to all the mindless yang out there, although the site definitely needs some work on its user interface. It's a subscription site, and I'm still not sure what that means after spending a good deal of time on it.

And is it me, or does Miss Queen USA 2006, Kendy, look just like Smiley from Season 1 of Flava of Love?

And if that last observation of mine isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is. Help me, vodka....

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