Jeff Lewis Reaches His Breaking Point On "Flipping Out," Lesbian Comedian Judy Gold Hosts "The Newlywed Game" Revival


As we saw on Flipping Out last night, Jeff Lewis lost it. He couldn't handle working for Courtney, the difficult woman for whom he and Ryan were renovating the Hancock Park house, and he told Ryan that they had to quit the job.

While he and Ryan were dictating a letter of resignation to Jenni, Jeff said he hated Courtney. Ryan and Jenni, who have to be forgiving types to work for Jeff, frowned upon his declaration.

Surely, his spiritual advisor would not approve.

"Why can't I hate her? She was insulting, she was critical, she was suspicious. She called me a thief!" Jeff said.

"I don't hate you," Jenni deadpanned, clearly seeing the irony in Jeff's remarks.

I love Jenni.

To Jeff's credit, he burst into laughter.

"It's kind of funny because the way [Courtney] treated me, and the way she spoke to me, I see myself do that. I've seen myself do that before," he later confessed to the camera with a smile.

Ah, Jeff had an epiphany.

He might be human after all!

Actually, I loved last night's episode of Flipping Out because we saw that Jeff can't simply be written off as a jerk. He is well aware of his imperfections, and he has the ability to laugh at himself.

Of course, we still got to see plenty of the obsessive compulsive, overly meticulous Jeff that we all know and love.

Or love to hate.

Or just plain hate.

I happen to love him.

My favorite freakout of the night came when Jeff saw that his interior designer was hanging off-white drapes in his house. He had requested white drapes and couldn't stop obsessing over whether the off-white drapes were the wrong choice.

"The drape incident is another reason why Jeff Lewis is frightening," Jenni said after bearing witness to his insanity. "The drapes, the drapes! I just act like I'm deaf."

In the end, Jeff worked through his insanity and came to realize that the off-white drapes were just fine.

So what did you think of last night's episode of "Flipping Out?" Did anyone else appreciate seeing more of Jeff's lighter side? And is Jeff crazy to go back to work for Courtney? Based on the previews for next week's episode, it looks like he and Ryan are going to do just that!

Lesbian Comedian Judy Gold Hosts "The Newlywed Game" Revival

Let's give GSN some credit. The Game Show Network has hired wickedly funny lesbian comedian Judy Gold to host the pilot of the latest version of The Newlywed Game, according to Reuters.

With gays and lesbians winning the right to legally wed in California, the timing seems right, doesn't it? Hopefully, the show will feature some gay newlyweds.

One of the funniest game shows ever, "The Newlywed Game" first began airing in the 1960s, and versions of it ran through 2000. It was in the 1970s that the show, hosted by Bob Eubanks, had its heyday. For those of you who never saw the re-runs, newly-married couples were asked questions about their spouses to see how well they knew each other. The results could be hysterical.

One time, Eubanks asked a husband to identify the most unusual place he and his wife had ever "made whoopee," which was the show's famous euphemism for sex.

The husband answered, "That would be up the butt, Bob."

When his wife was later brought out from backstage to answer the same question, she replied, "In the kitchen."

Oh, those crazy straight couples!

A question for some of our newly-married readers: Would you dare go on "The Newlywed Game?"

GLAAD condems FX show

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation issued a press release Tuesday urging community members to contact FX Networks to express concern about a defamatory claim by an antigay activist that was featured uncensored, and unchallenged, on the June 24 episode of 30 Days. The show "examines social issues in America by immersing individuals in a life that requires them to see the world through another’s eyes,’" according to the show’s website.

In an episode titled "Same-Sex Parenting," Kati, a woman who is opposed to gays having families, lives for 30 days with gay parents Dennis and Thomas and their four adopted sons.

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