"Law & Order" Loses Mr. Big, Kathy Griffin Dares To Go Down Under

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(Getty Images) Cuff me!

I have long dreamt of saying that to Chris Noth during my guest starring stint on Law & Order: Criminal Intent as a serial shoplifter.

But I won't get to because a) I will never be cast on Law & Order: Criminal Intent as a serial shoplifter and b) Chris Noth is leaving his role as Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Detective Logan.

According to the New York Post, it was a mutual decision made by Noth and the producers. "I've been in the Law & Order franchise a long time," Noth, who also played Detective Logan on the original Law & Order, tells the New York Post. "I've pretty much squeezed the juice out of that role."

I disagree. I'd say Mr. Big has plenty more juice in him.

No word on what the actor, who is also known for Sex and the City, will do next.

As for Noth's replacement on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, it's Jeff Goldblum, whose last good movie role was back in 1986 when he starred in The Fly.

Sorry, Jeff. I think I'm just being bitchy because I'm upset about losing Mr. Big.

With time, I think I could learn to love you, too.

Kathy_june_9 Kathy Griffin Dares To Go Down Under

(Getty Images) Our Kathy Griffin headed down under for Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney on last night's episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.

Kathy described Gay Mardi Gras as "the biggest gay extravaganza in the world—even bigger than the one that Oprah and Gayle host in their backyard."

Get me some oxygen—stat!

I laughed throughout the entire D-List episode last night.

As usual, the show was hysterical, and if possible, this was the gayest episode yet.

As we saw, Kathy boarded the Pink Flight, an Air New Zealand flight from San Francisco to Sydney full of gay men ready to party.

Kathy was performing on the plane "like a two dollar whore," delivering a routine via the plane's public address system, taking part in a bare chest competition (she stripped down to her bra) and half-heartedly serving breakfast to the passengers.

Once in Sydney, she and Lance Bass, who was also in town for Gay Mardi Gras, visited a zoo. When Kathy met a zookeeper holding a cuddly Koala bear, she asked, "How much are they?"

Later, Kathy and Carson Kressley (yup, he was in town for Gay Mardi Gras, too) had tea with Olivia Newton John, whom Kathy described as the Pope of Australia.

Olivia told Kathy and Carson she has wallabies running all over her farm in Australia.

"I hear Richard Gear put one up his butt once," Kathy said.

Talk turned to the video for "Let's Get Physical" and the skintight 1980s workout gear Olivia wore in it.

"You never got a yeast infection from that outfit?" Kathy asked.

I was worried that Olivia would be mortified by Kathy's quips, but she was laughing just as much as I was.

Just when I thought this star-studded episode couldn't get any better, Kathy met Margaret Cho. Turns out they are really good friends, which makes me happy given that they both love the gays, and we love both of them.

The two comedians met yet another gay icon, Cyndi Lauper, at the House of Priscilla to shop for parade outfits.

"Cyndi, Margaret and I love the gays, and the gays are very good to us," Kathy said.

Soon after, it was on to the parade. Kathy was told she would appear on a float, but there wasn't a float for her, so she and Team Griffin had to walk the parade route like common folk.

On the plus side, it made for easy access to Kathy, and TV reporters were running up to her for interviews. Kathy was thrilled for the attention, even if one interviewer did call her "Kathy Grissum."

In the end, Kathy deemed the trip to Australia, during which she hoped to become an Australian sensation, a good one. "One out of 100 Australians recognize me," she said. "I think that's success."

We do, too, Kathy Grissum.

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