Kathy vs. Lance?

By: Gay.com

(Getty Images)

It's gotten so the minute "Dancing with the Stars"
goes off the air, rumors about next season's guests start a-swirling. Lance
Bass is said to be "locked and loaded" for the seventh season (and I
can't wait, if it's true).

Other rumored invitees include:

Celebutard Kim
, who's said she'd "be honored to be asked"

Dan Freakin' Quayle
(!), who's confirmed the invitation but turned it down

, who's a long shot since she's a regular on another network

Alas, Kathy's not playing: "No! I
can't even touch my toes!" she told ABC. (Quayle also reportedly said no.)
Too bad: I really would have relished watching her smack-talk her fellow
contestants -- especially if Kim K. ended up on the show.

You've still got a month before the suspense ends: ABC is
set to reveal the full cast August 25 on "Good Morning America."
Wonder who else will get sucked into the rumor mill or "accidentally"
name-dropped before then.

Meanwhile, if you're not following this season of "My
Life on the D List," time to reset your TiVos, dearies. It is seriously her
funniest season so far, and I'm willing to bet she wins another Emmy this
year. Suck it, Jesus!