Mr. Tori Spelling Moving to 90210?


Poor Dean McDermott. The poor man's Guy Pearce must have thought that marrying into the Spelling family would have it benefits, aside from living with the fantastically adorable Tori. But here he is, two years into his marriage, five years since his most high-profile role (Doc in Kevin Costner's actually decent Open Range) and all he has to show for it career-wise is his ongoing reality show with the Mrs.

Which I have to admit, I LOVE. It's practically the only show I've been watching this summer as the ripples of the writer's strike have completely crippled my viewing habits. But Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood has completely changed my view of the guy. I honestly couldn't believe when Tori married him; he looked like a greasy psychopath to me. But he is whipped by her, and their relationship seems extraordinarily genuine.

Now any of you who watch like I do know that Dean filmed a TV movie with Ving Rhames up in Canada not that long ago. He dropped Rhames' name about 30 times in one episode alone, and even went to get a faux-hawk to help him get in the right frame of mind for his thug character, Blaze.

But aside from this gig, Dean's life consists mainly of making phone calls as directed by Tori and being a third wheel between Tori and her friends. I mean, you gotta feel for the guy when he walks into his bedroom and Tori's best gay is in bed with her talking jewelry!

Granted, Tori IS a one-woman dynamo. In the course of Home Sweet Hollywood, she finishes her book, goes on a book tour, sells her jewelry, deals with her pregnancy, moving AND the mishigoss over the new 90210...

Which brings me to my current point. Tori is now lobbying to get Dean a part on the new show. And it just makes me cringe. Did Dean ask her to do this? Or is it one of those uncomfortable situations where she just wants to help?

Naturally, it brings to mind the casting of Tori on the original show. You may remember how the line from the Spelling camp was that Tori auditioned just like everyone else. Riiiiight. And here we are all these years later, and Tori is using her weight to get Dean cast. Just this time, she's doing it out in the open. Lucky Dean.

Maybe he's cool with it, but I can't shake this feeling of pity for Dean. And while part of it may have to do with the fact that he's a guy (I guess I have some lingering predilictions regarding male/female relationships?), I think I'd feel the same if it was any couple, any gender. It's the fact that the more powerful half keeps getting more powerful and the other half is rendered increasingly dependent.  And bless Tori's heart: you can't help believe her when she is trying to do the right thing, and who knows? Maybe this will all work out for the best. If he does get a role on the new series, I'm really hoping it leads to something bigger and better for the guy. Otherwise, I just don't know if I can bear to watch anymore...

(Image courtesy of Oxygen)