Cloris Leachman: Bringing Sexy Back


(Image courtesy of ABC) Who knew that 2008 would be Cloris Leachman's year?

The lady is on a roll, from killing on Comedy Central's roast of Bob Saget to her turn on the red carpet at the Emmy's to her breathtaking debut last night on Dancing with the Stars. Leachman is back with the fire of a woman who will not be denied...and she'll use her body if she needs to.

It's as though she is at a point in life where her health (guess being a vegetarian before it was cool is paying off), a sharp and twisted mind, and plain ol' not giving a s#@$ is coming together in a perfect storm to give us a vision of what Sarah Silverman might be like in another 50 years, if she's lucky.

Let's be real: It doesn't look promising for her on DWTS, talent-wise at least. But you gotta figure that she's got the geriatric vote in spades (except for all those old women out there who think Lance Bass is just sutch a cutie!). Our best bet is that the viewing audience has a sense of humor - I mean, Cloris, in her post-dance stupor, actually turned the judges into comedians! Voting for her is something we can ALL get behind, right? Watch - who will try to get her vote first: McCain or Obama?

More than DWTS, though, I loved the footage of her on the red carpet at the Emmy's. Once you get past the insufferable Billy Bush, Leachman's job as correspondent doesn't yield much reportage but does show the enormous respect that other actresses have for her. Just check out Julia Louis Dreyfus' reaction to her when she almost passes Leachman by - that's the real deal.

Click here to see Cloris on the Red Carpet.

Maybe Leachman is just on the verge of going a little bit crazy, like Don Rickles has been for the past 20 years. It must be liberating in a way - they are just out there saying whatever comes to mind, and since they are genuinely funny people, what comes out is generally funny if not shockingly so.

So as we head into the homestretch of the election, put your country first and turn hope into reality by rockin' the vote for Cloris!

Check out Cloris on "Dancing with the Stars":