Elton vs. Lily: The Bitch is Back, Again

By: Gay.com

(Getty Images) By now you've probably heard about the spat from across the pond: the queen (Elton John) vs. the tarty upstart (tabloid fave Lily Allen). The two were geniusly paired up as hosts of last night's British GQ Awards, and apparently John gets along with Allen about as well as he gets along with Madonna...or Tina Turner...or George Michael...basically anyone's who is prettier than he is...

Apparently, Sir Elton got tired with Allen's creative ad-libbing (thanks largely in part to a bottle of champagne "hidden" in the podium) and when she announced they'd come to a very important part of the evening, he retorted, "What? Are you going to have another drink?" Meeeee-owww!

Then, when Allen reminds John that he's considerably older than he is, he cermoniously declares, "I can still snort you under the table!" What would Princess Diana say?

Here's two versions of the debacle -
one a news report:

the other straight video of the exchange:

but you could watch it on mute and feel the disdain they have for one another.  By the way, isn't it odd that none of Elton John's songs made the top 25 songs of the past 25 years list?  We think so.  Cast your vote now!