Lance And Cloris!


Our Lance is safe.

Lance Bass and his partner Lacey Schwimmer (it is so cool to see a So You Think You Can Dance alum on Dancing With the Stars!) were the first to learn that they were safe from elimination on last night's episode of DWTS.

Not that it was a huge surprise. It's fair to say that Lance is a front-runner thanks to all of that dance training he got while he was a member of 'NSYNC.

After breathing a sigh of relief over not getting the boot, Lance and Lacey went on to perform the first dance of the night--a quickstep. They got mixed reviews. Len, for one, didn't like it. "I didn't like your posture or your hold," Len told Lance and Lacey. "I can understand people enjoying it, but it wasn't my cup of tea."

Lancelaceydwts1 In the end, Lance and Lacey earned a score of 21. Not the highest of the night, but respectable.

Back in the green room, Lance expressed his relief at not being the first to go.

While Lance performed well last night and looked rather sexy in his white tuxedo shirt and open bow tie casually draped around his neck (he has lucked out in regards to DWTS fashion so far, but inevitably the poor guy will find himself clad in something downright horrible), it was the gloriously wacky Cloris Leachman who once again stole the show.

For an 82-year-old lady, Cloris sure can shake her, uh, coconuts. As we saw, Cloris and her partner Corky Ballas did the mambo, and Cloris bribed the judges (ten dollars each) in hopes of getting a good score. But while the judges were clearly entertained by her performance on the dance floor, they only awarded Cloris and Corky 16 points.

"I'm leaving. Where's my chauffer?" Cloris cracked back in the greenroom.

My bet is she won't be leaving just yet. At least I hope not. The much younger Kim Kardashian and her partner Mark Ballas only scored 18 points for their mambo, and Kim isn't nearly as fun to watch as Cloris (well, maybe if you are a straight guy Kim is more fun to watch, but how many straight guys watch DWTS?), so my bet is she's next to go.

Lancebassdwts_2  Comedian Jeff Ross and his partner Edyta Sliwinska got the boot last night.

Meanwhile, Lance looks like he'll be around for awhile (maybe even until the end), although he faces stiff competition from charming sprinter Maurice Greene, whose mambo with partner Cheryl Burke last night was exuberant. I have to admit that I didn't know who the hell Maurice was before DWTS (I'm hardly a sports nut), but I love the guy!

So who are you rooting for? Do you think Lance has a chance at winning DWTS?