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Meeting Margaret Cho at a retail shop he worked at in the 90's and later styling her for an "Interview" magazine shoot led to a long time friendship between the stylist and the comic. Now Charlie Altuna can be seen as part of Cho's Glam Squad each week on her new VH1 reality series "The Cho Show."  Gay.com spoke to this wardrobe stylist to the stars to uncover insider secrets on keeping it together from head to toe.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I think because I've been shopping for others for so long I get so bored with what's out there, so it's very 'I don't give a shit' unless there's an event coming up.  I would say super simple like a t-shirt and a pair of cords.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

I think it comes from traveling and being around for a long time.  I don't look at magazines. I just have a vision of 'I wanna do this.'

Who is your favorite fashion designer of all time? 

I would say John Galliano or Alexander McQueen, because they're the most innovative these days.

Which celebrities, in your opinion, epitomize true style?

Chloe Sevigny... that's pretty much it. With most celebrities, if they don't have a stylist, then they look like bag lady.

I thought you would have said Margaret.

Oh, you know, Margaret and I are buds now.  You know how when people are the closest to you, you don't think of them? I was thinking on a more fashion tip.

If money were no object, what clothing item would you splurge on? 

A pair of YSL Johnny boots.

Would you agree with this statement?  You can never have too many accessories.

No, I hate accessories. I think accessories totally date people. I think that we should all get rid of the accessories, especially guys.

Tell us about your worst fashion mishap or wardrobe malfunction. 

When I was a kid, I used to put on this polyester suit, and a facial foundation that came in this tube, almost like a deodorant. I would paint circles on my cheeks and dance on the table.

Is there anything that's just "too gay" to wear?

Yeah, Dior sunglasses.

What was the number one fashion don't for 2008? 

I go to the cool hipster clubs and all the guys are wearing super tight short sleeve dress shirts with dressy shorts and top-siders. They drive me crazy, and it's running rampant.

Which fashion trend of the last 25 years should be brought back and which should be totally avoided? 

Remember when people took pants and pegged them?  That should never come back.
What should come back is flairs... they're so sexy. I'm so tired of the skinny jean. I mean, what the fuck? Who wants to see super skinny jeans? It makes guys look like Kate Moss.

What are your style forecasts for 2009? 

My style forecast would be the whole 'Dazed and Confused' look, surfer-skateboarder, boot cut cords with little tees... like Matthew McConaughey in 'Dazed and Confused' -- very surfer and skater mixed with Studio 54.

Check Charlie Altuna out on "The Cho Show" each Thursday at 11p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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