An Update On Gale Harold's Condition


An update on Gale Harold's condition: Over the weekend, the Associated Press reported that the actor remains under observation in the intensive care unit at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, but his condition is improving, and he will be moved to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center when a bed opens up. So, thankfully, it sounds like Gale is on the road to recovery.

As we previously reported, Gale was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident last Tuesday. He suffered swelling on the brain and a fractured shoulder.

The outpouring of support from all of you has been tremendous.  By the way -- read your comments here -- you guys really banded together on this one.

The GayTVBlog was flooded with heartfelt messages wishing Gale a speedy recovery after we originally posted about his accident last week.

Clearly, the actor, who is now on Desperate Housewives, made a lasting impression on all of us during his run on Queer As Folk, and it went beyond us lusting after him. Seriously, I was shaking when I first read about his accident last week, and all I could think was, he has to be okay. I have to admit that I was surprised by the depth of my reaction.

Why do we feel such a strong connection to Gale?

I think we all love and respect Gale because he played a complicated man like Brian Kinney with such passion. He created a gay golden boy who wasn't always such a sweetheart but who stood up for what he believed in and lived life on his own terms.

At least that's my theory. But I don't want to speak for you. Why do you feel so strongly about Gale? What was it about his role on Queer As Folk that inspires such devotion from his fans even now, and is there any particular storyline or scene that you think best represents Gale's work on the show?

As for me, I will always remember how Brian changed after Justin was attacked. There was some amazing character development involved in that storyline, and we got to see how much Brian actually cared about Justin.

Here is a clip of an interview with Gale talking about Queer As Folk:

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