Pete Burns' Lips: Dead, but Fiscally Recoupable


Dead or Alive singer and U.K. reality, um, star Pete Burns apparently has standards.

The walking train wreck, who has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures, has reportedly won his case against the "doctor" who injected polyacrylamide into his lips...with horrifying results. Burns had always looked like a cross between Cher and Marilyn Manson; now he looked like Cher, Manson and Jocelyn Wildestein. And that, my friends, was not the look he was going for.

The injections not only caused blistering and infection, but his lips were supposedly on the verge of exploding. Ugh - the thought of that just made me tighten up a little bit "down there".

A court ruled that the doctor and his team are liable and owe Burns an undisclosed sum for disregarding procedure and even following up with additional injections. This is good, because Burns says he's spent his life savings trying to get his lips fixed/prevent them from, you know, exploding.

Now he can get back to his regular life, which includes documenting his surgeries on the UK ITV"s series Pete Burns Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares, Celebrity Wife Swap, and "leaked" sex tapes...see, justice prevails. You gotta wonder though - when things like botched lip jobs happen to people like Pete Burns, so desperate for celebrity, are they in some twisted way actually grateful for the nightmare? It always seems to extend their 15 seconds, doesn't it?

Just for fun, here is Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Live a Record):

(Image courtesy of Getty)