Urie and Cooper’s “Live” catfight

By: Gay.com

(Getty Images)
Morning TV got both raunchy and catty this morning, when “Live” co-host Kelly Ripa and guest host Anderson Cooper took the reigns of the show while Regis was on vacation. (Has anybody else out there observed that when the curmudgeonly Philbin is away, the wonderfully wacky and fiercely fabulous Kelly takes every opportunity possible to get her freak on?)

It started yesterday when Ripa tried to get the buttoned-up Cooper to boogie with her by doing the famous “Madonna squat” dance move (guest Queen Latifah even weighed in, saying, “Girl, you went down so low you disappeared for a second” and the raunchiness escalated this morning, when the show played a clip of Anderson choking down a slimy “cocktail” made from sea urchin. (Ripa commented, “I love that you swallow.”)
Things got even trashier when Ripa questioned the pronunciation of the Trivia contestant’s name “Regina.” In this case it rhymed with “v***na.” The audience thought it was hilarious; in contrast, the contestant was obviously unamused.
“I’ve heard all the jokes before,” was her flatline response.
But the claws came out with the appearance of the always-funny and flamboyant guest Michael Urie, who has campaigned vigorously to be a guest host on “Live.”
“You don’t dance, you don’t sing, you don’t act,” said the “Ugly Betty” star to Cooper, implying, of course,  “Anderson, what exactly can you do?”
“I’m the guest co-host and you’re not,” the silver-haired CNN anchor shot back, causing Urie to place fingers to forehead in surrender, Kelly to flash her signature “Oh no you di’in’t just say that” look and the “Live” audience to erupt with applause and laughter.