Justin Timberlake Dons A Unitard And Heels On Super Gay "Saturday Night Live"

By: Gay.com

I never thought I'd say this (let alone see it), but, damn, Justin Timberlake doesn't look half bad in a black unitard and heels.

He slipped into the getup for a hilarious parody of Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" music video on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live. Timberlake was cast as one of three male dancers—SNL cast members Andy Samberg and Bobby Moynihan played the other two—hired to gyrate in the video.

Beyonce was confused as to why the director—played by guest host Paul Rudd—would cast three men in the video, but she went along with it. Turns out the boys were the director's stepsons.

Anyway, it was a silly skit but so funny. Every time Justin uttered the line, "We're the dancers," I was on the floor.

I've got to give it up to a superstar who isn't afraid to pack himself into a unitard and then dance around like a fool on live television. Timberlake has a sense of humor, and, in my book, that's sexy.

I've also got to give kudos to Beyonce for not breaking up during the skit. Seriously, I don't know how she got through it without laughing.

Did you see the sketch? If so, what did you think?

And, by the way, does everyone agree that this was one of the gayest installments of Saturday Night Live ever? There was this sketch, the digital short that found Rudd posing nude for Samberg and that Weekend Update segment that had Snagglepuss talking about gay marriage and ultimately coming out, confirming my childhood suspicions about the big pink mountain lion.