Rocking OUT with Heather


Rolcs_heather_3(Hollywood Heather c/o VH1) chatted with our favorite contestant from “Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne,” Heather, the rocker chick from "Rock of Love" season one, who's currently vying to be the most charming woman and, of course, the winner of 100 G's.

We hoped that she could school us about the show, same-sex kissing, and why gays are a girl's best friend. Oh yeah, and about her encounter with Lance Bass??? Now, if that's not charming, then I don't know what is.  School is now in session.

So Heather, I imagine that you were just heartbroken when Megan was kicked off the show.

I loved every minute of it. She got what she deserved.  She's not charming or looking to be charming or looking to change. She's such a shallow person that it's shocking to watch, so she stays on for the shock factor.  She says and does things that are so heartless and callous. Maybe she weaseled her way out of being voted off on "I Love Money," but on "Charm School" Sharon Osbourne would not put up with her. Bret didn't get to spend much time with her, but once he saw what she was, she was off 'Rock of Love' too.

Who did you like on the show?

I really like Inna and Kristy Joe. I keep in touch with them often. Even though Dallas talks a lot of smack, once I got to know her, I thought she was smart and funny. Destiney and I, at this point in time on the show, I didn't know that she went behind my back and was saying that she's not friends with me, and talking about being on their side.  It was like the time when Daisy and I got in a fight and she took her side when she was supposed to be my friend. Me and Destiney would be friends outside the show, if it weren't competitive environments.  That's the thing. She seemed like she really liked me. However, when I needed her as a friend, for a fight that was unexpected, she wasn't there. With me, it's black and white, where you're either my best friend or my worst enemy, without fiddle faddling around. 

I'm competitive by nature to begin with, and of course I want to win, but I want to win without cheating, lying and stealing. When I do it wholeheartedly, and then girls stab me in the back, it hurts my feelings.

Speaking of the fight with Daisy on the "Rock of Love 2" reunion show, how did viewers  respond to that?

I'd say 90 percent of the feedback wasn't negative. Of course her fans or family didn't want to see that. When someone says you have a drug problem on TV, and they couldn't air it, and you know she lied, and when you know things about them, and then she gets an attitude and gets in your face when you're sick... I've been doing shows back to back, and reunion shows are stressful, and you're having a heart attack inside. When you live in a stressful environment, it's only a matter of time, if you're human that you explode.  But Chance threw a table and got his own show. Things happen.

On "Rock of Love," "I Love Money" and "Charm School," a lot of people just write you off as a stripper. 

I went to college and got a four-year degree, back in Ohio. I went out to Vegas to work in the casino industry, and at that period of time, I was living in budget suites, and it turned out to not be a good area, like someone was shot to death outside my door. So I danced in Vegas to make money to get out of there. Then I was an extra for 'The Surreal Life,' and then tried out for a show with an 80's rocker.  They knew I was dancing, and that I was a single, wild, balls-to-the-wall kinda woman. Being from the 80's era, I was hoping it would be Bret; and when it happened to be Bret, I was worried that he wouldn't be cool, friendly, and personable, because a lot aren't. But he was. 

When you were growing up, is this the future you saw for yourself?

Never did I think that I would dance. I became educated and was natural, and here I am with fake boobs and am a dancer. Anyway, Megan is an ex dancer, who worked at the same club as me, but the Chicago one.

If you're not the only ex-stripper in the house, then how come you get all the flack for it?

Because they lie about it. Megan's pushing 30 and says she's 24, and she calls me an ex-stripper. Destiney still dances. Brandi M. worked at the same club I worked at in Vegas. They just don't talk about it.  But I'm the one who really sacrificed, who's been 100 percent real, and honest and true, and has put my heart and soul into experiences and work -- and I get the short end of the stick.
                                           (Heather comes clean c/o VH1)Rolcs_heather_2_3

Where did you get the confidence to be honest about who you are?

100 percent from my mom and how I was raised... no stealing and no lying... and I always pride myself on being open and honest. Life is easier that way because you're not caught in lies like Megan and Lacey. I was not raised with a lot of money, but I was taught not to lie.

OK, so be honest with me about this.  I've heard that you're still in love with Bret.  Is that true?

No, it's not... it's not that sort of relationship. I've gotten to know him, and I have no interest in being with him or not. We're both working on our careers, and anytime we've crossed paths, we have fun and laugh about the show.

Are you still into making out with women?

That was more 'Rock of Love' for me, coming out of dancing, when I was still a wild child.  But going to all these cities for promotional things and doing body shots and then getting under the weather from being huggy and lovey wasn't good for me.  I'm more of a germaphobe now. Now I'm into antibacterial stuff, popping vitamins, and not making out with anybody.

Would you say it was just a phase for you?

Not so much a phase. I still think women are hot, and I love grabbing boobs, but I think that getting older, my thoughts are changing and my career, and so I'm not making out with girls and guys all day long anymore.  I'm trying not to be such an exhibitionist. I just don't feel the same wildness or want to party so much anymore.

Which celebrity women do you find attractive?

I think Carmen Electra is hot, and love Angelina Jolie. She's beautiful, and I love how she lives her life. I like real, strong girls, who keep in shape, and have good hearts and intentions in life. That's really tough to find in men and women. 

Are gay boys ever part of your itinerary?

Most of my friends are gay, because I'm much more comfortable with gay people and gay bars. My best friends back in Ohio are gay. They're the ones who named me 'Hollywood Heather,' and when I started my company, I named it that. I'm a total fag hag. I just hosted at Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary's. The first time I was in San Francisco, I totally wanted to go to the gay district.  I kept asking, 'Where is the gay district? Where are the gay bars?' But it was too far from where I was staying.

Why do most women seem to have a special bond with gay men?

I think women love hanging out with gay men because they don't feel a sense of judgment. My gay friends love me unconditionally. It's a different feeling than when you're around a straight person, where they just wanna bang you. But your gay friends just wanna borrow your lip gloss.  And unlike women, they're not jealous, and don't come from that hater mindset.

If it's all so fine and dandy with the gay boys, then how come Megan doesn't have any gay friends?

Because she's totally homophobic. When Brandi C. was talking to her about Chris Crocker, she told her, 'Don't ever bring him around.' She wouldn't even bring him and his drag queen friend home in her car one night. She thinks she's better than everybody else. I don't know, she's the devil or something. She can look into your eyes and lie right to you. 

But if she's not OK with gays, then why is she so cool with lesbians?

Because she's into women, which is why she's always hanging onto Brandi C.  She's nothing more than a cum dump for guys, where they hook up with her and peace out. With women, she gets emotional attachment from them.

What do you think about Prop 8?

I voted no on it. Whoever wants to get married should be able to get married.

If you could be friends with any gay celebrity in the world, who would it be?

Lance Bass. I love him. He's great. I ran into him at a gay bar, and he knew my birthday and told me he's always been a fan of mine, and I've always been a big fan of his; when he came out, I was like 'Yay.' But I only ran into him one time. But I have so many other gay friends that I hang out with now.  My roommates are gay, and my agent has been married to his husband, and they're amazing people. My gay friends come over to watch 'Charm School' with me.  I'm actually more so in the gay community. If I have a red carpet event, I go with my gay agent and his husband.

Oh, also I did a video with a former drag queen named Candy Ass, who I'm friends with, and runs 'Odyssey' magazine, Bobby Trendy, and Alexis Arquette.  They're done editing it and are having a release party in a couple weeks. The song is on the radio now, and Sham did the video. Heat from 'I Love Money' is also in it, 'cause they needed an extra guy.

That's crazy that he would do that after all the gay rumors about him and 12-Pack.

He always says 'I'm a metro guy,' which is probably why he bangs more chicks.

Group_bathroom2(Heather's smokin' in the girl's room c/o VH1)

What projects do you have coming up?

I feel grateful for everything I get to do. But I have some amazing projects coming up. It's sad that it has to be with different networks and companies, but next year, I'm crossing over.   I want to work with new people, where I'll be doing my own shows, a movie, and checking out different kinds of projects, not just contestant stuff. I want to host a Travel Channel or E show, where I can still be funny and witty. I did a skit on 'Charm School' and Sharon said my acting was great. And other people have said the same thing. I got an amazing agent and there's a kick-ass script I'm working on.

Would you ever work with Megan again?

I used to do promotional events with her because they paid a lot of money.  But the last time I was asked I said 'No,' and asked for Kristy Joe.

“Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne” airs Sundays at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.