All Over Me This film was selected in the Movie Poll as one of the Top Ten Lesbian & Gay Films of 1997!

This little charmer from Alex and Sylvia Sichel has been wowing audiences at film festivals throughout this past year.

Think Times Square meets Foxes and throw in alot of sexy scenes of teen longing.

Claude is a cute, young, slightly-butch, skateboarding teenager who has a thing for her messed-up best friend, Ellen. Ellen, unfortunately, has a thing for an asshole homophobe.

Teen angst ensues -- I wish I'd seen this movie when I was in high school -- as Claude's pal (played by My So Called Life's Wilson Cruz) begins to fall for Claude's new gay friend Luke. In a dark turn of events Luke is murdered, Ellen goes further down the tubes with a nasty coke habit, and the phobe boyfriend threatens Claude when he realizes that Ellen is more attached to her than she is to him.

Amid the chaos Claude begins to realize that she's queer. Enter the pink-haired punker, Lucy (Leisha Hailey of the Murmurs). And cue one of the sweetest lesbo romance scenarios you've ever seen.

The film has its flaws: some awkward moments peppered throughout and a few too many inarticulate dialogue scenes, but it's got more than enough intelligence and heart to make up for it.

--Jenni Olson

(1996, USA)
Director: Sichel, Alex
Producer: Hall, Dolly
Starring: Alison Folland ; Tara Subkoff ; Cole Hauser