Super8 From the legendary auteur of No Skin Off My Ass, Bruce LaBruce, comes another no-budget cautionary tale for our times. Bruce plays a washed-up, strung-out porno star who's rediscovered by an undergound dyke avant-garde filmmaker, Googie (Liza LaMonica). She begins to make a documentary about him entitled, simply, Bruce. Bruce thinks that this is his big comeback, a la Sunset Boulevard, but Googie is only exploiting the "poor, down-on-his-luck faggot" to get financial backing for her pet project, Submit to My Finger, her tribute to New York underground auteur R. Kern.

Bruce spends his perpetual alcoholidays in bed with his hustler boyfriend, Pierce (Klaus Von Brucker). Meanwhile, the ambitious, incestuous, sexually adventurous Friday sisters (Chris Teen, Dirty Pillows) catch Googie's eye in the cemetery, and she approaches them to star in her new movie.

Other characters, such as Bruce's archrival and former costar Johnny Eczema (Mikey Mike) and Pierce's hooker friend Amy Nitrate (Kate Ashley) round out this cast of sexual misfits. Super 8 1/2 also includes cameos from real-life undergound luminaries like Vaginal Creme Davis, Ben Weasel, and Richard Kern--not to mention aboveground TV star Scott Thompson ("Kids in the Hall") as Buddy Cole.

Mixing thinly-disguised autobiography with hardcore sex scenes, Super 8 1/2 is a pinnacle of perversity for queer cinema. Or, as they used to say about John Waters's films, Bruce LaBruce achieves a new high in low taste.

(1994, Canada)
Director: LaBruce, Bruce
Starring: Bruce La Bruce ; Liza Lamonica ; Amy Nitrate