Wentworth Miller Is Out Of A Job

By: Gay.com

Wentworth Miller Whether or not he wants to, the hotness that is Wentworth Miller is escaping Prison Break.

Fox has pulled the plug on the show, which was put on hiatus after its fourth season debut in December, and Prison Break will end its run with this spring when the final episodes begin airing on April 17.

Prison Break was never a huge ratings success, but the show, which cast Wentworth as a structural engineer who got himself thrown into prison so he could free his brother from death row, developed a cult following and made Wentworth—if not a household name—something of a star. His good looks, gorgeous smile (not that we got to see him smile much on the show) and tattooed body (the elaborate tattoo was fake, by the way, and took four hours a day to apply to Wentworth's torso on shooting days) have certainly been appreciated by the gay community.

While Wentworth has denied being gay, he has been linked to out Brothers & Sisters star Luke MacFarlane in the press.

Wentworth's personal life aside, the end of Prison Break frees him up to do other things careerwise. I, for one, think the actor has the charisma and acting chops to make it on the big screen. He already has a couple of movie credits under his belt, having played roles in The Human Stain and Underworld.

What's your take? What do you think is next for Wentworth, and are you disappointed to see Prison Break come to an end?

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