BSG: No Gay for You!


We’ve finally hit a milestone in my Galactica-loving career. With Lt. Gaeta dead and gone, there isn’t much more Perez Hilton style outing I can do on the series. All kidding aside, I had hopes that Gaeta would have been the focus of a gay centric episode for the series. Especially since it was established that Gaeta was bisexual. .Now before I’m crucified, yes I know it doesn’t always have to be about being gay.

Traditionally, the gay card is usually pulled off as a sensational tool meant to increase ratings or a way for the series to be “bold.” Example being Misha Barton’s character’s same-sex romance on the O.C. a few years back. However, Galactica has a way of throttling threw relevant cultural topics such as abortion, terrorism, discrimination, and class struggle.

Season two’s abortion episode center around the fact that President Laura Roslin, who fought her entire career to preserve a women’s right to choose, had to outlaw abortion as a matter of survival for humanity. Sofor Galactica, the gay card would not have been extremely sensational. The could have tackled interesting angles such as ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ or explored how radically conservatives parties would view gay marriage when the humanity is on the brink of extinction. I feel it was a missed opportunity to examine a movement that has so much force and reflective of our time.

Of course, with only five more episodes left in the series, I can always test the waters here and say that Jamie Bamber’s Lee Adama is in the closet. You’ll remember I’ve always thought there was something very feminine about the way Bamber performs Lee.  <Sigh> but I won’t go barking up that tree since there is no weight to it. But a boy can dream can’t he?

Anyways, here are some revelations to keep in mind for tonight’s episode:

Ellen Tigh is alive. The fifth and final Cylon is alive and well. On board the Cylon Baseship for the last 18 months, she has been reborn as her true self. A nurturer and mother figure who just wants all her children to find peace. 

Lee Adama will be the next President. No big surprise here. With President Roslin on the brink of death, she retains the presidency by title only. In last week’s episode she appointed Lee her new Vice President, but warns him that the right thing is a luxury and doesn’t always mean what has to be done.

Anders remembered Earth. The Final Five ventured from Earth to the twelve colonies to warn them of the up rise of the machines. But when they arrived, it was too late. The first Cylon war had already begun. In order to strike a peace treaty, the Final Five agreed to show the primitive Cylon machines how to make humanoid models.

There was a Number 7. Ellen Tigh mentions that Cylon model Number Seven was called “Daniel” and he was destroyed by the Number One. He was a sensitive boy, who enjoyed the arts. <Cough> I’m just saying!

Battlestar Galactica air Friday nights at 10pm on Sci-Fi.

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