Are Gays Gaga for Lady Gaga?


Since releasing her first single "Just Dance" in early 2008, there has been a huge increase in popularity for New York City’s no-pants-wearing pop artist Lady Gaga.

Being the first pop sensation in the last while to make a name for herself instead of being born into a famous or rich family, winning it through some reality television show, or plucked out of obscurity at a beauty pageant, Joanne Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady GaGa) started out in music as just another pretty face in New York City’s club scene hopping from seedy bar performance to seedy bar performance.

Ladygagavideos Once discovered by hip hop artist Akon and being signed to Interscope Records in 2007, the label carefully orchestrated the success of Lady GaGa.

Lining up performances at internationally recognized music events like Lollapalooza & Winter Music Conference, releasing a number of chart-topping singles (including her biggest hits "Just Dance," and "Poker Face"), and finally dropping the release of her first album, "The Fame," in 2008, she’s now become a household name and pop culture icon all over the world.

Ladygagared Contributing to her success with a handmade fashion sense (literally) that GaGa says was inspired from the fusion of Peggy Bundy ("Married With Children") and Donatella Versace that will soon be released as her own fashion line, elaborate onstage shock tactics, and not to mention supportive backing from pop superstars like The Pussycat Dolls & Britney Spears (GaGa wrote two songs for her "Circus" album) - it’s no wonder that Lady GaGa draws so much attention from paparazzi and the media world-wide. Even celebrity outer and gossip Perez Hilton can’t get enough of Lady GaGa and has numerous entries about her on his website.

With such a fast and out-of-control rise to fame, many people have raised the questions about if she’ll be able to successfully navigate the trials of being a famous pop star and have a great career in music, or if she’ll disappear into obscurity like so many artists before her?

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