In Like A Lamb, Out Like a Lamb Chop


I was really expecting Jim Cramer to do a better job of holding his own when he appeared on The Daily Show on March 12th.

The culmination of a week's worth of scathing coverage of CNBC and the financial news network's "Mad Money" host seemed like a sure bet that Cramer would be giving Stewart a "run for his money."

Turns out (to the delight of most) that wasn't the case.

What ensued was the red-hot skewering of a lamb into a lamb chop within the 30 minute time slot. Jon Stewart was relentless in making his point about CNBC putting entertainment over journalism, and purposefully ignoring corporate dishonesty during the financial collapse of the past year.

Cramer seemed docile for most of the show, and acknowledged that he could have done a better job foreseeing the economic collapse, and responded to Stewart's plea for more levelheaded, honest commentary. Let's see what happens ... The last time Jon Stewart hit this hard on a commentator was back in 2004 with Tucker Carlson of CNN's "Crossfire." That show was soon after cancelled.

You can view the full episode here, but if you don't watch anything else -- at least check out this brilliant intro that mocked "the weeklong feud of the century."; FLOAT: left; BORDER-LEFT: #cfcfcf 1px solid; WIDTH: 60px; BORDER-BOTTOM: #cfcfcf 0px solid; HEIGHT: 31px">

Image courtesy Jason DeCrow, AP