What The Hell Is Rihanna Thinking?

By: Gay.com

I hope you're sitting down for this one.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together and holed up in Sean "Diddy" Combs Miami beach house, according to various news sources, including Rolling Stone and People.

The news comes three weeks after Brown, 19, was arrested for allegedly beating Rihanna in Los Angeles just prior to the Grammys, which they both skipped because of the incident. A photo taken by police of Rihanna's horribly battered face later surfaced on TMZ.com, revealing facial contusions and a swollen lip.

While Rihanna, who just turned 21, may have forgiven Brown, he still could face criminal charges. Whether he does is up to the district attorney's office.

Statistics show it isn't unusual for victims of domestic violence to stay with their abusers. In fact, some people are beaten over and over before they finally make a break. On a personal level, I had a friend in college who was with a guy who smacked her around, and one night I—along with a couple of other friends—found ourselves having to step in to physically defend her. What happened? She went back to the guy the next day.

While victims tend to go back for more before, hopefully, getting out of the relationship for good, this high-profile case is particularly disturbing because of Rihanna's level of fame and her influence on people. Her decision "sends a really negative message that it's okay to remain in an abusive relationship and just to accept an apology and move on," psychologist Dr. Jane Greer tells the New York Daily News.

Not that her career is as important as her physical and emotional safety, but I also think Rihanna is hurting her career by staying with Brown. I, for one, can't imagine buying her next album and enjoying it knowing what could be going on at home if she remains with this guy. Plus, I have to admit that I resent her decision to stay in a dangerous situation. It just goes to show that even the rich and famous don't necessarily value themselves enough to stay out of abusive relationships.

What do you think of Rihanna's decision to reunite with Brown? Do you find it disturbing? Do you agree that she is sending a negative message? And what kind of impact could it have on her career?

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