Adam vs. Kris: Who's Your Pick?


After four months, American Idol Season 8 is coming down to a surprisingly exciting and dramatic finale this week.

It’s no surprise that longtime judge- and fan-favorite Adam Lambert has fought his way to the last elimination stage, but who would have predicted that soft-spoken and humble Kris Allen would be one of the last two standing? And not only is he standing, but he’s giving Adam a run for his money vote-wise. Ryan Seacrest reveled on last week’s show that only a narrow margin separated the top two contestants.

Here’s a primer for Tuesday and Wednesday’s two-part showdown.

Adam Lambert Adam Lambert - Far from subtle with a love of the dramatic, Adam Lambert has been a contestant like no other. Along with being one of the most talented performers in Idol’s history, his edgy, his distinctive sound and his love of guyliner has also led to his being one of the more polarizing. Since many have speculated that Adam might be gay, there are plenty of questions around if and how that might be influencing voters.

Kris Allen

Kris Allen – Until the last few weeks, Kris Allen’s name wasn’t mentioned at the top of the list. Danny Gokey was certainly favored in some circles, and so was Allison Iraheta. But each week, Kris’ star has continued to rise. This is likely due to the fact that he gets better each week (last week’s renditions of “Heartless” and Apologize” solidified his place as a finalist) and that he probably gains decent voting blocks from other eliminated contestants. For example, he would probably take more of Danny Gokey’s prior fans than Adam would. But when it comes to stage presence, he’s clearly outmatched.

Take our poll, tell us who you’re voting for and why, and we’ll publish the results prior to Wednesday night’s winner announcement.

By Jerry Gulley II

(Photos: Fox)

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