Mommy Dearest Candy Spelling Coming to TV

By: Brodie

The Spelling saga continues, in true family fashion, to play
out for the television audience to see. Mother Candy and daughter Tori Spelling
have been very publicly estranged since before the death of legendary television
producer Aaron Spelling in 2006.

In keeping with tradition concerning their family matters,
Candy Spelling recently reached out to the press to make peace with Tori. This
recent flare-up involved a new book from Candy and Tori’s daughter’s first birthday.

First, mom Candy was a no-show for the televised reunion
Tori intended to happen at her baby’s birthday party, filmed for Tori &
Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.
The episode
featured a teary Tori whining, “I’m mad that I actually got sucked back into holding
out hope once again after 36 years.”

Actually, first, some Hollywood distant parenting probably
went down at the Spelling mansion in the 1980s. Then came the estrangement and public criticisms.
Candy maintained she didn’t want the private family reunion
televised and took to her blog to insinuate none too subtly that Tori’s Oxygen
realty series was scripted and exploited her children, Liam, 2, and Stella, 1,
as “reality show props.”

Now Radar Online reveals that Candy will make her own foray
in front of the television cameras. But unlike Tori’s reality series, this will
be strictly scripted. “I wouldn’t do a reality show,” Candy said

Last month grandma Spelling sent Tori a personal sentiment
via a newspaper article. “I love you, and I always will,” says Candy to her
only daughter. Tori has a younger brother, Randy, who is on good terms with Mom
and even contributed to her book.

Candy laments that she and Tori don’t speak because “my
daughter doesn’t like the telephone. She doesn’t answer. I text her. I have
left messages. I've e-mailed her, and she doesn't respond.”

“It could be years of disappointment,” Candy concluded. Hers
or Tori’s, we’re not too sure, but “maybe someday she’ll get it She’s my
daughter. I may not approve of everything she does, but I love her.”

Aw, a mother’s love. All Tori has to do is pick up a paper
and read it for herself. Will this wayward Hollywood mom and kid ever make up
for the cameras, or is the press fanning the flames of a real family feud?

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