The Truth Behind Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried's Kiss in 'Jennifer's Body'

By: Brodie

The lovely ladies over at have the lowdown on the highly hyped on-screen kiss between the female stars of Jennifer's Body. Writer-producer Diablo Cody has cleared up her intentions and the motivation behind the Megan Fox-Amanda Seyfried smooch:

First and foremost, Cody revealed that the press spin on the hotly anticipated smooch between Fox and Seyfried completely misses her point with the kiss. "If the two protagonists of the film were a guy and a girl and in a particularly tense moment, they shared a kiss, no one would say it was gratuitous," Cody points out. "But the fact that they’re women means it’s some kind of stunt." She goes on to reveal the kiss was actually "intended to be something profound and meaningful to me and to Karyn [Kusama, the director]. Obviously we knew people were going to totally sensationalize it. They’re beautiful girls, the scene is hot—I’m not afraid to say that."

But Cody insisted the motivations for the kiss are deeply and genuinely rooted in adolescent female bonds: "There is a sexual energy between the girls which is kind of authentic, because I know when I was a teenaged girl, the friendships that I had with other girls were almost romantic, they were so intense. I wanted to sleep at my friend’s house every night, I wanted to wear her clothes, we would talk on the phone until our ears ached. I wanted to capture that heightened feeling you get as an adolescent that you don’t really feel as a grownup. [Laughs] You like your friends when you’re a grown-up, but you don’t need to sleep in the same bed with them and talk to them on the phone until 5 a.m. every night."

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