The VH1 Diva Duets Recap

By: Brodie

Did you watch? Don't fret too much if you missed it, VH1 is sure to rerun the broadcast over the weekend. But it was certainly everything viewers have come to expect from the music television event Divas Live: hits, misses, shocks, thrills -- and those were just the divas’ costume choices.  

With ample Paula Abdul shenanigans and a bonus bit of awkward with Liza Minnelli, the transitions ran the gamut from campy to cringe-worthy. But the performances, for the most part, were breathtaking.

The thoughtful pairings of music's favorite female singers dueting on their biggest hits can be a thrill for the audience when executed well. Adele joined India.Arie for a soul-stirring rendition of Arie's hit "Video" and displayed a spirit of female empowerment so sophisticated it could make Lillith Fair look like a ragtag gang of songbirds.


While some were skeptical about young Disney darling Miley Cyrus's inclusion in the evening’s festivities, she certainly made a strong showing next to righteous rocker Sheryl Crow. While Cyrus’s energetic performance of her dance hit "Party in the USA" felt forgettable, even Crow looked shocked by the fierce growl that emanated from the teenage pop starlet as she sang the lyrics to "If It Makes You Happy." Cyrus was clearly eager to take on the darker ditty, and she delivered.


Another moment that evoked chills and gasps: the pure talent and cohesion of Stevie Wonder performing with a perfectly pitched and emotive as always Jennifer Hudson. A diva, actress, and singer, Hudson offers the rare combination of talent truly designed for musicals. She was born to sing on a stage, and it's no wonder she was able to secure an Oscar right out of the gate for her Dreamgirls performance.


Equally stirring and hauntingly beautiful was Leona Lewis's collaboration with the “True Colors” diva, Cyndi Lauper. Click here to see that clip and all the performances and highlights from VH1's 2009 Divas Live.

Tell us: What was your favorite performance? Who would you like to see honored if there’s a Divas Live 2010?