A Whole Lot of Bravo Reality Stars and Shows

By: Gay.com

If you put money on Bravo network's television presence continuing to grow and expand, something tells us you'll be continuing to collect for years to come. The Bravo boys seem very eager to give the viewing audience what they want. And what do we want? More drama, of course! Specifically-- more eccentric, multi-tasking Bravo-made mini moguls. Bravo announced three heaping scoops of new Bravo reality programs focused exclusively on Bravo celebrities from past Bravo series. That's a lot of Bravo.
Bethenny Frankel, the single housewife on the series The Real Housewives of New York City, is getting her own solo show, as rumors suggested this summer. The docuseries will center on her successful career as a natural foods chef and nutrition author, as well as her love life, which is surely a bed of roses since she met Jason Hoppy.
A fan favorite and winner of the fourth season of Project Runway, back when Bravo aired the series, Christian Siriano will also star in a one-man show focused on his preparations for a store and markets his clothing line. Count on new catch phrases from the pint-sized designer who is probably to blame for beating "Fierce" into our vernacular.

Finally, former Top Chef contestant Fabio Viviani will star in Fabio: A Catered Affair. Viewers will witness the ups and down Viviano and his business partner, Jacopo Falleni, face when they expand their Los Angeles restaurant and get into the catering game. Good chance there will be some cute waiters in the support cast there.

Tell us: Which new Bravo-celeb reality series will you be watching? Did they choose the best past cast members? Which other Top Chefs, Real Housewives, or Project Runway alum would you like to see more of?

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