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Debi Mazar chatted with The Advocate about her reasons for rumba-ing it up on ABC's wildly successful Dancing With The Stars competition. Whether it's her Entourage fame, hot DWTS partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, or her early days hanging around with New York queens, Mazar is candid about it all. The provocative former make up artist and longtime Madonna pal says she only wishes she could have shared a tango with the tantalizing Cheryl Burke...

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By Brandon Voss
From her feature film debut as a coke-snorting mistress in 1990’s Goodfellas to her recurring role as publicist Shauna on HBO’s Entourage, Debi Mazar has made a career out of playing strong, sassy women with New York accents as thick as her eye makeup. Best known to TV audiences as tough-talking legal secretary Denise on both Civil Wars and L.A. Law, Mazar has memorably milked small roles in movies like The Doors, Malcolm X, and Empire Records, but it’s her enviable gig as gal pal Madonna’s makeup artist in the ’80s that first cultivated her gay following.

Now the 45-year-old mother of two is bringing her signature streetwise charm to ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, hoofing it alongside Maksim Chmerkovskiy to hawk her cooking show and new line of beauty products. Still recuperating from a minor neck injury she sustained during last Tuesday’s fox-trot, Mazar took a break from rehearsal to tell about her heavenly gay fans and why -- as sexy as Maks is -- she would’ve preferred a female partner. The picture of you wearing a neck brace that you posted on Twitter was reposted on  last week. Are you hoping it wins you some sympathy votes?


Debi Mazar:

I don’t think people are that sympathetic, quite frankly. My doctors asked me to leave the neck brace on for one night until I had my MRI, so it was doctor’s orders. It’s just a torn neck muscle. I’ve actually had other injuries during the process -- I’ve twisted my ankle, Maksim bruises me everywhere -- but I’m probably the one person who isn’t complaining. I just power through. 

You tweeted about some of the disrespectful reader comments on Perez’s post. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to look at those? 
Everybody says to me, “Don’t read the blogs,” but because I’m a curious person and I blog myself, I just scrolled down. I realize that half these people are just haters or 12 years old. I feel like saying, “Oh, go put a Disney movie on and leave me alone, you stupid kid.” They’re like, “Who’s Debi Mazar?” I don’t care if you know who I am or not, but if you really want to know, go check IMDB. I don’t write back, though. 

Yeah, the comments on his site are notoriously negative.

But Perez himself is actually kind of cool. He knows not to fuck with me and I don’t fuck with him. We’ve actually talked before, and he’s not as bad as people think. He once read me on his website for being sweaty when I was at a cancer benefit. I was wearing a fabulous Gucci dress and it was about 500 degrees out, but I don’t wear antiperspirant because I don’t believe in it -- if you’re going to sweat, you’re going to sweat -- so I was sweating and he dissed me. I told him, “Hon, I came before you and I’m a diva, so there’s no reason to be mean to me.” [Laughs] We giggled about it and now it’s all good.


Luckily, you have the show’s hottest professional dancer as your partner.

With the best butt, I might add. I’m staring at it as we speak. I chose Maksim because I saw a raw sensuality in him that I thought, as a strong woman, maybe I could bring out in him. I knew we could have a great time, but I also needed someone who would make me work hard because I can sometimes be lazy when it comes to physical activity. He’s relentlessly hard on me, and it’s the only way I’ll be able to continue in this. I get bored very easily, so without him I’d probably say, “Let me just rip the other side of my neck and get the fuck off this competition.” He’s such a tough, macho, passionate, sexy brute.

I’m sure he doubles your gay vote.

Yeah, he definitely has his following too. Knowing that I have a huge gay following, I actually tweeted when I first got the offer from Dancing With the Stars, “By the way, I’m thinking about who my partner should be. What do you guys think?” Everyone was like, “Maks! Maks! Maks!” I was like, “OK, well, that’s who I’m going to ask for.”

DWTS irked me when Lance Bass was a contestant on season 7. I think they missed a great opportunity to give him a same-sex partner.

That would’ve been genius. I only wish that I could’ve had Cheryl Burke as a partner, but she got Tom DeLay. She could’ve made me look really smooth, and it would’ve been so sexy. I did pitch a dance with Maksim where we would switch roles so I got to be the man, but the show plays to Middle America, so I can’t even show the fact that I have nipples underneath my leotard.


Growing up in New York in the late ’60s and ’70s, what was your earliest exposure to gay people?

Well, my mother had me at 15 and was divorced my father by the time I was two. After that, we were living with two Puerto Rican queens on the Lower East Side, so I’ve always been in the life. I’ve had gay uncles, lesbian aunties, and, quite frankly, it’s the queens that raised me. I didn’t get to go to ballet class or to acting school, but I did have queens who came to New York from Cuba and introduced me to Reinaldo Arenas. Intellectual gay men turned me into a lady and took me to museums, the theater, fashion shows, and turned me on to all the things I’m interested in. I’ve always been fighting for equality and for finding a cure -- I just did the No H8 campaign -- but who someone fucks is the least interesting thing about a person.

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