Gay TV on a Monday Night: Closeted Politicians Outed by 'Outrage'

By: Brodie

Whether you look forward to Halloween, Oktoberfests, or the holiday flavors’ triumphant return at Starbucks, October is a month-long feel-good fest. The fall foliage and fabulous fresh episodes of your favorite series should keep you happy until the real rush of the holidays bears down. Tonight you can rest assured that the stress of family and gifts is still several weeks off while you enjoy some hearty entertainment from the Monday night lineup.
Starting the night right is everybody's favorite hot host and out actor, Neil Patrick Harris, on CBS's How I Met Your Mother at 8 p.m. Harris's character Barney wades into relationship territory with his usual arsenal of tricks and secrets, but this time he's got some seriously sweet and heartfelt means to an end.
Some classic Barney gems below:

At 9 o’clock there's some juicy new action in the land of the CW's Gossip Girl as former teen scene queen Hilary Duff debuts as a new student at NYU. And if that isn't enough to get your heart racing, Tyra Banks is in tonight's episode as well. Fans will also finally see a Jenny (Taylor Momsen) story line fleshed out when the youngun steps up to claim her Queen Bee social status.
The real show-to-see will be on HBO tonight when Outrage makes it television premiere at 9. The fantastically hard-hitting documentary explores the closeted politicians who cause so much suffering with their antigay legislative efforts. Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick puts a name and a face to these villains while shedding light on the truth they've tried to keep hidden in the closet.

Set the DVR for the same hour, when Calvin and Grant's relationship encounters a new hiccup on tonight's episode of ABC Family's Greek. Calvin isn't thrilled to find out Grant was involved in Rusty's hazing. Will the cute couple be able to weather the stormy fight over friends?
At 10:30, catch the documentary Chris & Don: A Love Story on the Sundance Channel. It tells the emotional story of the extraordinary love between British writer Christopher Isherwood and American portrait artist Don Bachardy, which endured until Isherwood's death in 1986.

For the night owls and insomniacs, some lovely ladies we love will grace the late-night talk shows. The (overused?) anchor of megahit musical TV show Glee, Lea Michele, will be on David Letterman's scandal-rocked Late Show, while Whip It's golden roller girl Ellen Page hangs out with Conan O'Brien on The Tonight Show.

Tell us: What's on your list for must-see Monday shows? What did you think of the LGBT-relevant documentaries Outrage or Chris & Don?

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