Gay TV on a Thursday Night: Vampire Diaries, RHoATL

By: Brodie

So maybe tonight you can go out for drinks and be that social go-getter you've always wanted to be. Or do laundry, whatever. Truth is, it's the first night in the recent prime-time premiere bonanza that isn't packed to the brim with yay-gay programming. But there are still a few fabulous shows worth tuning in for if you've got the television and the time. Here are some of the finest guys and funniest TV shows on tonight.

There's ABC's big hit FlashForward leading off Thursday night prime time at 8 p.m. Tonight Demetri (John Cho --  hot) and Mark (Joseph Fiennes -- even hotter) travel to Utah to find a suspect who may be connected to the mysterious global blackout.


On CBS's Survivor: Samoa, also at 8, shocking things happen on the second episode. Someone lies! (GASP!) Alliances shift! Yeah, that's pretty much every episode of Survivor ever, but it's always pretty intense to watch. Maybe that's why this is the show’s 19th season? Then at 8:30 on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Leslie (Amy Poehler) is excited to judge a beauty pageant until she finds out what it takes to be Pawnee's "ideal woman.

Next on The Office, supercute drink of water Jim (John Krasinsk) has been promoted -- much to Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) dismay -- and is marrying Pam (Jenna Fischer) next week in an hour-long special. A new show worth checking out: Community at 9:30 p.m. The comedy centered at a community college is getting rave reviews for funny stars Joel McHale and Chevy Chase.

For the fang fans, the CW has a new episode of The Vampire Diaries at 9 p.m. Gorgeous immortal brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) go head-to-head tonight when Stefan tries to rid himself of his evil older bro -- permanently. It's not too late to get sucked into the slick and sexy vampire show. It's definitely on more of a Dawson's Creek level of pretty young people with problems than the lesser, dumbed-down teen dreck like 90210.

Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) returns to work on Grey's Anatomy tonight at 9 on ABC amid the threat of layoffs. Then at 10, fans of Private Practice will finally learn the fate of Violet (Amy Brenneman) and, hopefully, her missing baby, in the season premiere.

In the same 10 o'clock hour, Bravo's got a new heaping helping of your favorite and mine: The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi Burruss performs solo on tonight's episode and Sheree and Tania head to NYC, leaving Dwight to hold down the fort.

If you're up late tonight, tune in to catch Ryan Reynolds, one of the most visually appealing actors of the last 10 years, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Not only is the husband of Scarlett Johansson easy on the eyes, but the star of Smokin Aces and the upcoming Deadpool movie is charming and funny to boot. Should make for an enjoyable evening's end.

Tell us: What Thursday shows top your list? Has The Vampire Diaries or FlashForward swept you up yet?

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