Gay TV on a Tuesday Night: It's Almost Halloween, Charlie Brown

By: Brodie

Even though the season start-up blitz of new shows has cooled this late October week, there are still quite a few good gay picks hidden in prime time. So while your favorite shows air a repeat tonight, follow our picks for some special seasonal shows. Anyone whose ever carved a pumpkin can feel the nostalgic draw of the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown special. But it's not all kid stuff; Spike has the Scream Awards tonight. The special effects/horror honors will be handed out, and rumor has it plenty of your favorite vampires will be on hand to scare up some excitement. Sounds like a spooky and spectacular show.

First up, because you can't go wrong with a classic, catch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown at 8 p.m. on ABC. The perpetually cute 1966 special gets dusted off for its yearly holiday screening. Grab some spiced cider or set up your pumpkin-carving stations in front of the tube so you can stay up with Charlie Brown and his friends as Linus waits for the great Halloween spirit to appear.


If you're too cool for Charlie Brown, Fox has the first competition episode of So You Think You Can Dance tonight at the same hour. After meeting all the contestants last night, hopefully you picked a favorite and got invested, because tonight two will be dismissed. Check out the top 20 at the photo shoot:

At 10 o'clock on Bravo, emotions run high during the Flipping Out reunion special. Think about it: Between eccentric and highly irritable star Jeff Lewis, his exasperated business partner Ryan, and Bravo's consummate chipper host Andy Cohen ... that's a lot of whiny men in one room. Maybe they'll finally get to the bottom of their problems, or maybe someone will storm off the set Real Housewives style. We'll have to watch and “see what happens.”

If you're in the mood for something fun and scary, check out the Scream 2009 Awards at 10 on Spike. The creative masterminds behind the scariest creations in sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comic film and TV get rewarded for their gory gifts. Find out who the Scream King and Queen are, plus, fang fan alert: Twilight AND True Blood vamps may be in the house.

If you're up late, stay up with some favorites visiting the late-night couches. From Trainspotting to Moulin Rouge and the upcoming Men Who Stare at Goats, the equally brilliant and handsome Ewan McGregor has proved he's always worth a look. Peek in on his appearance on The Jay Leno Show at 10 on NBC. Cougar Town and former Friends hottie Courtney Cox stops by Late Show With David Letterman at 11:35 on CBS, while Conan's got the queen of Southern cooking, Paula "add some mo' butter" Deen on NBC. Guess which one we'll be watching?  Try to stay up extra late if you were a die-hard  Clueless fan. Cher herself, Alicia Silverstone, will charm Craig Ferguson on CBS's Late Late Show.

Tell us: What Halloween specials or scary movies are you screening to get in the spooky spirit?

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