”Hate on Me” From 'Glee'

By: Gay.com

Dear Amber Riley,

We love you. Every time you open your gorgeous mouth and we hear your amazing voice, we get goose bumps and feel that familiar rush of Glee wash over us. Too often we're forced to cling to scraps, like your amazing ending solo line in "Somebody to Love." Man, do you do A LOT with even the littlest lines, Ms Riley.

Then there are the times you monopolize our attention, backup dancing Cheerio-ho's be damned, like during your passionate performance of "Bust the Windows" in an earlier episode. That inspired interpretation of Jill Scott's "Hate on Me" delivered on all our delirious devotion to Glee's baby diva: Amber Riley's Mercedes.

90785184 No wonder Kurt (Chris Colfer) loves you. So do we.

Love always,
Planet Out Editors

Tell us: What's been the best performance on Glee so far, in your opinion?

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