Lady Gaga Goes to Washington


The National Equality March is being heralded as an example of what a new generation of LGBT activists has accomplished. With the number of participants estimated in the hundreds of thousands, celebrities including Cynthia Nixon, Michelle Clunie, singer Billie Myers, and Dustin Lance Black were all on hand to voice their encouragement and inspirational views to the crowds that descended upon D.C.

One popular pop star and vigilant LGBT supporter in the middle of it all was Lady Gaga. Dressed incredibly simply (for her), Gaga showed a serious side as she greeted the huge crowd and said she was certain it "was the single most important moment of" her entire career. She acknowledged the history that came before her, like the Stonewall riots and Judy Garland’s pivotal influence, before tasking the current generation to take action to ensure equality for all.

She also pledged to work against any homophobic or misogynistic attitudes in the music industry.

Check out the impassioned plea from the dressed-down Lady Gaga as she puts pressure on President Obama:

Tell us: Which speeches moved you most in the coverage of the National Equality March?