Levi Johnston’s Junk in Playgirl

By: Brodie

According to his manager, Tank Jones, in the New York Post, there's a great chance Levi Johnston will be flashing the full monty in his pictorial spread for Playgirl.com. Jones is “90% sure” there will be full-frontal nudity.

Johnston, who shot to national notoriety when he impregnated the daughter of Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate. Since the subsequent birth of the baby, Johnston has appeared in magazines and on television, parlaying his relationship to the Palins into press and money. The Alaska native and hockey enthusiast has been working out six times a week to prepare for the shoot, which Playgirl promises in time for the holidays.

A rep for the site said, “We’re working out the actual details day by day,and have come to a very happy conclusion, which we feel readers will be enthralled by.”

Tell us: Are you curious to check out Levi Johnston?

Image courtesy of Getty