Miss Shane? So Does Kate Moennig

By: Brodie

The gorgeous and talented Katherine Moennig has slipped into the role -- and scrubs -- of a new television character. Every Sunday viewers can watch Moennig as Dr. Miranda Forester, a driven surgeon on CBS’s organ transplant drama Three Rivers. But in a Sunday interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actress who inhabited The L Word's lesbian lady-heart breaker for so long admitted she missed slipping into Shane's familiar skin.

Moennig said, "At this moment, I miss a lot about her. The beauty of that character was her unabashed way of viewing life." The dark-haired, frail beauty said the hairdresser character "was so unapologetic. She was always deemed the bad girl, and that was always good to play. She was a bit dangerous but also extremely screwed up in the head. I was sad to see her go. I miss her soul. I loved the debauchery that she created in her life."

When pressed, Moennig found it hard to pick a favorite on-screen paramour from the bevy of ladies Shane bedded. "I feel like there were so many of them," she joked. "I remember one time we all sat there and we tried to count how many people our characters had been with on the show. It got to me, and I think I was up to 30 on camera? Or maybe a little over 30? I have a couple of favorites, all for different reasons. I loved working with Rosanna Arquette. She was amazing. And I loved working with Sarah Shahi -- she and I connected very well. It would be a toss-up between those two."

The star, who is reputedly a distant cousin of fellow waif actress Gwyneth Paltrow, also commiserated with fans who felt slighted by The L Word's aprubt, inconclusive ending. "I think it was a surprising way to end the show, definitely," she allowed. "There was a reason behind it -- I'm not too sure what that reason was, but I'm told there was one. If my favorite show ended that way I'd be like, "What?!"

For more, including Moennig's thoughts on her new character and the revamp of the show's pilot, read the full article from LATimes.com here.

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