Gay TV on a Tuesday Night: Kathy Griffin's 'Balls of Steel'

By: Brodie

Have you ever wished for a day full of nothing but Kathy Griffin's unique brand of celeb-skewering stand-up? If you have, that dream has come true on this particular Tuesday. You can spend the whole day marathon-enjoying assorted Griffin specials leading up to the premiere of her new special, Balls of Steel, on Bravo tonight. There's also a new series premiere V featuring a Gia actress lesbians may know and love (and lust after...) as well as everyone's favorite One Day at a Time-er, Valerie Bertinelli, chatting with Craig Ferguson in late-night land. It's an excellent evening of gay favorites, plus a certain controversial gay conservative pops up on The Colbert Report. Turn on the TV, set the TiVo, then tell us what you thought about what you watched!

With the marathon kicking off at 4 p.m., you can spend your whole Tuesday laughing at the rich and famous, courtesy of the the LGBTQ audience’s favorite funny girl, Kathy Griffin. Beginning with Kathy Griffin Is...Not Nicole Kidman and hitting every high, including Everybody Can Suck It, Strong Black Woman, Straight to Hell, and finally, possibly my favorite, She'll Cut a Bitch, it's all leading up to the premiere of her latest special at 9. If you missed any of the previous specials, are home sick, or are sadly underemployed in this wretched economy, take this Tuesday off to laugh. You have our permission.

At 8 p.m. on ABC, it's time for the last big premiere of a new fall series when the sci-fi remake V finally hits the airwaves. Starring some familiar faces, such as Elizabeth Mitchell (of Lost and lesbian cult classic Gia) and Scott Wolf (Party of Five), this all-new conspiracy-heavy series offers wayward Lost and FlashForward fans another mystery to get swept up in from the start tonight. Just who are these mysterious Visitors, and are they really "of peace. Always" as their stunning leader, Anna (Morena Baccarin), claims? You can peek at the first eight minutes of the premiere here to decide if you're down for V.

She's ba-a-ack! At 9, Bravo premieres a brand-spanking-new stand-up special where the Emmy award-winning star of My Life on the D-list gets irreverent about her favorite topic: celebrities. The daring dame takes umbrage at Oprah and Barbara Walters, plus she dishes on the real Levi Johnston, her recent red carpet date. Griffin's always good for a laugh, and she loves to support the LGBTQ community. The feeling's pretty mutual. Here's the divine Ms. G making fun of Bristol Palin's baby daddy.

Then at 10 over on Oxygen, The Naughty Kitchen’s staff continues to charm us. Emily ‘sdays as a "door-whore" are definitely over, but Curtis still pals around. The two spend a special day on adventures, including a trip to the tattoo parlor. What's the ink? Watch and find out!

Tonight on The Colbert Report, host extraordinare Stephen Colbert grills controversial Daily Disher Andrew Sullivan. it should make for some witty repartee when this gay conservative Catholic blogger breaks it down with the hilariously satirical superpower that is Colbert.

On the late-night couches, start strong with a little Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien on NBC at 11:35. Everyone's favorite funny guy, Out 100 staple Neil Patrick Harris, never disappoints. At the same time on CBS, David Letterman welcomes country superstar (and cute to boot) Brad Paisley, plus crooner Michael Bublé, who recently said his girlfriend assumed he was gay when they met, appears for a special Top Ten List. On the Late Late Show at 12:35 a.m., Craig Ferguson will talk to ‘80s icon Valerie Bertinelli about her weight-loss whirlwind. If you're still up around 1:35 a.m., check out Last Call With Carson Daly. Sure, Alice Cooper is there, but superfab dance-pop act La Roux is worth watching perform!

Tell us: What's your favorite Kathy Griffin celeb-tale? What did you think of V's pilot's promise?

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